The Galpon

30 Septiembre 2016

Having conversations with the people here in complete Spanish.

I did it.


And then, I met another Lindsey (please, I must cue all of the others of my kind to laugh. Of course, I would find another of us, in a most unlikely place. It’s not a Spanish name, the Argentinians and Brazilians and El Salvadorians (etc.) I’ve introduced myself to can tell you that much). The person who introduced us was someone I met briefly last week,  and apparently she had been eagerly awaiting the moment to introduce us to one another. It went a little like this:

I was walking across the floor of the Galpon (a building behind the church where they serve hot chocolate/juice and cookies after their vespers, which is called Break),  feeling admittedly satisfied with myself after having completed an entire conversation (yes, beginning to end from introduction to dispersion) in Spanish with a student at the University.

The aforementioned friend I had briefly met the previous week was standing a little ways away talking with another girl (whose back was turned to me) and her boyfriend. She had sung at Break, and I wanted to congratulate her on her song because it was very pretty.

Coming closer, I stepped slightly to the side of the other girl to attract my friend’s attention, but far enough back so as not to intrude on the present conversation (foreign[do I dare say American? At least I’m not from Chicago.] or not, manners are important). My friend immediately noticed me and waved hello, “Hola!!” she said.

If this were a movie I would almost cover the eyes of any children watching, as her face went through the most amazing stages of… expression. There are no proper words for it, but I will attempt to explain:

Already, her face was pleasantly surprised to see me. Then her eyebrows rose impossibly high and dropped just as fast as they had risen. So fast, in fact that it was impossible to tell if they had risen in the first place if it hadn’t been for the fact that her eyes were huge with expression I dare not attempt to explain, but definitely something sneaky and satisfying. To her.

Her jaw proceeded to drop into this delighted, surprised, excited, almost conniving smile. No, most definitely conniving. If it hadn’t again in the same second changed back to the eyebrows raised and simply delighted smile and suspiciously sparkling eyes I would have definitely had to turn heel.

Though, I wouldn’t have had the chance because at the same time that her eyes took on the suspicious sparkle, she stepped toward me and latched onto my arm, babbling many things very quickly in English that I only caught the gist of; something about me needed to meet someone or someone needing to meet me or something to that extent (I know, sad, after an entire Spanish conversation my English vocabulary was dilapidated to say the least).

I suppose you know the rest. But for the sake of the telling, I’ll let you in on it.

I nicely closed the circle of humanity, and with my installment, my friend proudly gestured to the other girl, “Lindsey,” she articulated in exaltation, “Meet Lindsey.” She pointed to me.

We laughed.

We talked.

We had a great time.

We plan to hang out a lot this year.

I love meeting new people.


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