24 hours? I lived 48.

2 Octubre 2016

You know those days when you get to the end of them thinking earlier was yesterday?

That was today.

But not in a bad way! I had an absolutely spiffy-fantastic time.

I’ve been sick for the past week (of course I only tell you that now that I’m better. Oops.), and the last couple days I’ve finally been able to breathe again. And oh, you know that thing you do three times a day? Yeah, I got to do that too. It was delicious. I was already a pro on the sleeping I suppose. I’ve probably caught up on the last four years of sleep deprivation in a single week.

I’d been cooped up in my room with lots of tissues, lots of water, and lots of blankets. Oh and books. Never, ever forget the books. But that was pretty much it. A rather slack life if you ask me. Everyone else was doing this and that and “Hey, are you going to _____?” … Well… I would… (please everyone, together: if I could… But I can’t! So I won’t. Give yourself a hand, now—very nice fellas!). I’m sure you understand my desperation for the outdoors, then.

When today dawned bright and beautiful (kudos to those who were up to see that, my alarm was with you, even if I wasn’t), I was so excited to go eat. After breakfast, I ended up working on some photography from Sabbath’s visit to the Black Bridge (which is actually red by the way. So does that mean the White Bridge is red too? I’ll let you know when I find out.), and then my friend and I went RUNNING!!! Ah!!! You have no idea how luxurious it felt to move again! Well, you probably do if you’ve ever been bedridden for more than three days.

We were (or maybe it was just me) so pumped after our run that we proceeded to do some strength training and such OUTSIDE of the gym (because apparently no one works out on Sunday mornings[?] so both gyms[main and girls dorm] are only open in the evening on Sunday). I can personally attest to the fact that that cement would dearly love a good downpour for a good couple of hours.

By the time we were done working out (more like my enthusiasm for moving finally satisfied), it was lunchtime. I’m telling you, this idea of eating thrice a day—whoever decided on that needs a major award.

After lunch, I was invited to go gardening. Of course I accepted—there is a giant community garden here and three rows belong to the University. I was excited to help in the growing the delicious food I’d been eating! But let me tell you – I have some serious respect for those farmers who transformed entire fields into glorious dinner plates with the simple hand tools I used today. I was tired enough after a small garden plot! But let me tell you – putting seeds into the ground that you’ve worked so hard to clear and make ready? I can’t describe the feeling. No wonder God uses planting/farming metaphors in the Bible—I have been enlightened.

Filled with happy energy from the gardening, the girls that I had been working with walked back to campus with me—barefoot (I LOVE barefoot. Always have, but it’s extra special to find other people who love it too!). “It’s good for your circulation!” They said. I’m not sure if it was that or something else but I had plenty of zest to go on and play a full hour of Ultimate Frisbee.

Now from the sidelines, Ultimate Frisbee looks like a completely tame, controlled game (aside from the casual stumbles/falls/mobs that often accompany a long throw toward many opposing members of the two teams). However, on the field it’s more like:




Avoid the kid who’s guarding you like a fly does a horse’s eye (sorry to those of you who don’t understand. But they stick around like glue)…



Look frantically around for the next teammate (because of course you forgot to do this while avoiding the kid-who’s-guarding-you-like-a-fly-does-a-horse’s-eye)…

Avoid (AGAIN) the kid-who’s-guarding-you-like-a-fly-does-a-horse’s-eye while you attempt to chuck that piece of plastic right to your teammate who is also trying to avoid a kid-who’s-guarding-them-like-a-fly-does-a-horse’s-eye…




And constant repeat…

May I say it again: CONSTANT. Repeat.

It’s one of my favorite games. Not sure if you caught that—I threw a rather exhausting light on it, didn’t I?

Well, that was about the time I started slipping into the 48 part of my 24 hours—it was probably mostly due to the fact that I took a shower after all that exercise and dirt-rolling and then grass-rolling(with Frisbee in hand, right? Also, I normally take showers in the morning, so it’s probably one of my reset buttons). Post shower, I proceeded on into the glorious, beautiful mid-morning sunshine (actually, pre-sunset),  and did some less-adventurous things like trying to find a good set of earbuds and some charcoal to restock my tiny travel supply. Did I find any? It’s Sunday, not Monday. The stores close early.

Supper, and then someone had the bright idea to go play volleyball for two hours after supper. Of course, what could I say but yes? We had great fun, I think I actually improved a smidge amidst my red arms. We had a nice group of ACA and local people, and the entire sand pit was laughing uproariously when the sound of ball meeting resistance wasn’t the primary focus.

One of my good friends had just returned from Cordoba (where she spent the weekend) and she came to play with us. She asked what I’d done this weekend. I was in the middle of explaining what I had done yesterday, when I realized…

Those moments had, actually, been less than 24 hours ago.


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