Classes? I vote party.

3 Octubre 2016

After two weeks of waiting, the first day of classes finally came.

I don’t have much to say – I think I psyched myself out for them a little too much and they may have been a teensy bit of a let-down. But I LOVE my teachers.

My brain is tired of translating, and I have little to say except that today(please, check the dates, I don’t always post the same day I write due to internet issues and other phenomenon) was also one of our ACA students’ birthdays! Quite a number of the ACA students met at Al Polo (a restaurant. I say restaurant but I really mean Fancy-Fake-Food Palace. Fake as in sugar), and we made a big hubbub of having a miniature cake with a candle for her and singing Happy Birthday in English (obviously off key because what’s a good birthday without your ears cringing?), and also totally FAILING at it in Spanish(we knew the words, or we thought we did), much to the delight of other customers.

After eating our desserts (if we cared to not care about our bodies that much [I admit I cared to not]), we went around the table saying one thing we really liked about our birthday girl. We’ve only known her for two weeks, but the time to search through your memory for all the great things (or not) about her was NOW, not a year down the road.

The greatest part was we all DID have something wonderful to say about her—which says a lot about her as a person, but really: Two weeks. The fact is that every moment of every day people are making assumptions about you based on your actions. Now don’t go running around freaking out about every little stupid thing you do/did, but think before you act.

Open your eyes to the happenstance around you and pick out the best parts from it to store away in your memory banks.

Positive focus=Positive life.


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  1. That’s very true. Something you do, negative or positive, could seek insignificant to you but you never know who else sees it. They could remember that small action for the rest of their lives and possibly base their whole opinion on that one thing. Sometimes frightening to think about; that is a LOT of pressure. But if you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, then you have nothing to worry about!! So glad you shared this. It’s great to hear about your new life!


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