Bits of Buenos Aires

Featured Image Starring: Benjamin Williams, Malek Sheen, Jordan Cherney, Josh Carrazana, and Dane Overfield

1 Noviembre 2016 (except now it’s November 10)

Recap of last week: (as in the week from my last post, or the last week of October)

It ended fantastically.

NOW ONWARD! We’re into NOVEMBER people! That’s… amazing. In nineteen days(hahaha nine now) I’ll have been here for two months and will speak no more English except under very special circumstances.

But for now I still have those nineteen days. Good thing, because my Spanish is still quite sub-par (heehee) (no more heehee, I still feel this way and I have barely over a week… heehee). However, some of the girls and I have decided that while we’re in Buenos Aires (oh we’re in[well we were when I started this] Buenos Aires by the way *cues squeals of jealousy*), it’s Spanish zone!! Or should I say Porteño zone (Porteño is like the coastal Spanish, which is relevant in B.A. since it’s, well, B.A. and on the coast)?

Now it’s November 3(PSYCHE …10), haha, and our Buenos Aires trip has been concluded. I’m currently sitting on the bus(oh that’s cute. I’m actually sitting in an ice cream shop thankful that they’re open during the siesta so I can have internet) waiting for us to take off for the Estancia, where we will experience the life of the gaucho! I’ll be writing to you all about that at a later time(or actually later in this post), but for now let’s remember how the group of girls who were going to only speak Spanish while in Buenos Aires failed quite miserably. Oops.

However! We still got lots of Spanish practice!

The following list is an abbreviation of my trip to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

 dsc_3493-3La Caminita – A rainy morning amid bright colors not dimmed by the Nubian sky. A time to laugh and attempt good pictures, a time too short but long enough.

Granix Restaurant (sorry no picture)– Fill your plate,  food sky high, hope that you don’t die from pie. All are welcome, come along, glorious food for everyone.

dsc_3577Teatro Colón – Experience heaven to an acoustically-obsessed personage. Plus stained glass to rival any famous cathedral. Learn the history in the tour, come back later to hear a concert. Get chills from Mozart’s Requiem resounding into your very being as you stand between Porteño’s and tourists who are equally enthralled by the glory of music and acoustics.

San Martin Plaza/Cathedral (picture coming soon) – A hero for Argentina, a hero for my heart because he rode horses. A church that doesn’t allow people who are wearing shorts inside. Hiding in a group of friends so I can get inside.

img_5250Palacio Paz (better picture coming soon) – Take a dive into France and the ballrooms of old. Fail at dancing with your friends and sing in the music room where the pit orchestra would have played. Take pictures, make videos, don’t understand hardly anything the tour guide is saying because you’re too distracted to listen closely.

Wednesday Afternoon (picture maybe coming soon) – After much rain from yesterday, the parks we had originally planned to visit were closed, but looked beautifully pristine from the bus windows. Though we skipped the parks, we DID visit the famous graveyard. Don’t ask me the name, just know it was impressively built and spooky cause you can see right in to the little buildings that hold the casket. Wonderful to know that just beyond that shiny box is a lot of decay. I’m glad the smell was incapable of escaping its prison, and I hope that bugs don’t have a terribly acute sense of smell.

dsc_3903-3Starring: Nestlee Bautista

Thursday – AMAZING. That’s all I can say. A day I won’t soon forget. We visited the Estancia Santa Susana (a traditionally styled ranch with the theme of the gaucho, or Argentine cowboy) and got to ride HORSES. My heart saaaaaang with joy. I felt alive again for the first time in a while. Horses are my therapy. Other things work, but horses really soothe. Isn’t it cool how God made us?!

Well, I would totally inundate you guys with far too many pictures of everything you didn’t want to know about my day at the Estancia, if only the internet would let me. For some reason, it has decided to take up your case and refuse to cooperate with my attempts to upload. So you’ll have to be satisfied with not-sore-hands-from-scrolling-through-too-many-pictures.

That officially concludes my Buenos Aires trip and since this is SO tardy, I’m going to leave it at that and get on with it. Have any questions? Ask away, the comments are open for all (including your computers who may sympathize with mine at having to deal with me trying to overwhelm you guys with photos).

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