The Breakfast Revolution: Part 1

What’s the Rumpus?

Grains. Protein-packed seed mix of gloriousness. Add water. Or milk. Or both (either hot or cold). Spoon carefully (if hot). Swallow.

Ahhhh… Breakfast.

Looking for a way to pack in that extra morning punch to hit your day running?

Argentina has just the thing for you.

Spoon it over cereal or yogurt, toss it into the French Toast mixture, sprinkle it onto your banana, or simply save it for your salad at lunch. Experience the burst of amazing non-overpowering flavors that put your taste buds to dancing, and your brain to working.

The ingredients? Easy: lots of sesame seeds (black and regular), lots of flax seeds (but don’t be like the Argentines and not grind them up—that loses the value), lots of chia seeds, and lots of sunflower seeds.

I know. How can something that simple be that (or this, if you’re presently indulging) delicious and versatile? Don’t ask me, ask it.


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