The List: A

7 Octubre 2016

The List

I’m starting a new type of post that I’ll put up once in a while called “The List.” It will include all sorts of random things that I’ve thought of/done/found/whatever during my Argentinian Allocation that weren’t significant enough to post full stories about, but have sentences of explanation.

So without further ado! Here is the first list:

  • The Twin I Wave To. There are several groups of twins around campus, and I met one of a pair (I’ve met them all, actually) in the entrance to UAP and we ended up talking for a few minutes about random stuff I don’t remember, but ever since then we always wave to each other and greet each other when we pass, even if we don’t remember each other’s names.
  • Sabbath Dining Habits. To keep the kitchen workers from working too much on Friday evening/Sabbath, we eat from cheapy plastic take-out containers on Styrofoam trays. BUT!! To make up for this “deficit” the tables are garnished in lengthy white table cloths.
  • Tissue Take-Out. When I was sick, I used the take-out containers we eat from on Sabbath for my tissue box, and my trash can since I’m on the top bunk in my room and let’s be honest: when you’re sick, you move as little as possible.
  • Dogs’ Domain. This goes for all of Argentina—there are dogs EVERYWHERE. I mean literally, everywhere. No one owns them but they’re all in surprisingly beautiful condition (minus the occasional flea) (but aside from that they’re often healthier looking that many of the fat American pooches).
  • Ben and Benny. Still on the topic of dogs, Ben (one of our ACA members) made very, very good friends with one of the dogs who stays here on campus, and who now follows him around everywhere (occasionally to Ben’s dismay). However, Ben could never think of a name for this pooch, and one of the ACA girls began calling him Benny, so here we have Ben and Benny. Ben continually talks about buying him all kinds of things. So far none have happened.
  • The Parrots. Are more (I daresay) common than the dogs. In the morning you can hear them squawking their glee about every little thing they see 300 times a day, but hey, it’s extra beautiful THIS morning, just like it will be even more extra beautiful TOMORROW morning too. They have a great life, I’m telling you. When we went to the Black Bridge (an apparently very popular nesting spot), it was so fun to watch them work on their nests, carrying branches twice as long as themselves over the bridge and attempting to fit them into their nests. Often it went a little like this:
    • 1. Bird flies out of forest and lands on bridge with a giant twig in his beak. He twitters happily through his mouthful, which doesn’t sound all that happy by the time it gets around the stick. “look at me! Look how big MY stick is!” he seems to be saying.
    • 2. He then flies to the other side of the bridge and repeats the entire charade.
    • 3. Eventually, he tries to make it fit into his nest and… inevitably drops it because yes, birdy, you were right. Look how big YOUR stick was! We can even see it float down the river from all the way up here!
    • Case and point? Don’t be greedy. Satisfaction with what you actually need* is true satisfaction or happiness (I know. Mind-blowing. You actually don’t need 53 cans of Spaghetti-O’s in your pantry to stay happy; after all, you can only enjoy one at a time [if you even like Spaghetti-O’s–personally I’ll pass]).
    • *Need: meaning [in the Lindsey Lou Dictionary for All Lindsey Lou Acquaintances]: ‘has a distinct purpose in your life and without it you’d have a difficult time, if any time, living.’

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