Iguazu or Bust

20 – 25 Febrero 2017



Featuring: My jolly self and a very friendly cabin kitten

20 Febrero 2017


We have most recently arrived on the border of Brazil after driving all night and spending the morning touring a Jesuite Mission (like zombies cause bus-sleep=no-sleep). I must admit though: playing Chess at 3 a.m. is a most careless enterprise in which you are neither awake nor asleep but simply in a state of existence somewhere between the two with the brain on half-power. Of course, that means you’d lose. But it’s still a most unique experience.

Alas, after our tour we had a three hour drive across the province of Misiones to Iguazu Falls! That is, of course, the whole reason for coming up here, and I’m looking forward to our visit tomorrow. For now, it’s time to catch up on some shut-eye in our cute little cabins, which are (of course, this has to be an adventure after all) devoid of any running water, and in which the electricity goes out whenever it fancies (so basically all the time, can’t blame it though, if I had the choice to just not work, I think I’d take it too…), and in which there is no internet (hence this post is only just now being posted ;)). In conclusion: I LOVE IT! There is a beautiful jungle out my window, there is the smell of stale bedsheets on the air, and best of all: there is a kitten who likes to hang out on our porch! I couldn’t ask for a better place for some peace and quiet to spend sleeping. And with that, I bid thee adieu until the next excerpt~


21 de Febrero 2017


Water filling mouth, eyes, even ears… Screaming fills the air as you seek to clear your eyes, but they’re only filled with water once again. A roar louder than the screaming also fills your ears.



…Iguazu Falls! Water from the falls, cascading down on your tour boat carelessly…Screaming of the entire boat of pure glee at the feeling, while trying to see because really, you should have brought goggles–this is a shower on major steroids.

Hence why the tour guides call it a “bautismo” or “baptism.” I must agree, and it is a most exhilarating experience, though from afar simply looks like a peaceful little boat ride. They would gun the boats under the smaller falls, and we’d proceed to scream and laugh to our hearts content, constantly wiping water from our eyes in an attempt to see the vast array of white froth that literally engulfed us. Then a short reprieve into the sunshine while we all shouted, “Again! Again,” until they turned us back around and into that discombobulating world. There is no up, down, or side to side. There is the rocking of the boat and the water. Mostly the water; you only realize the rocking in the aftermath.

How beautiful would it be if this was how we came to be baptized by the Spirit? Shouting, “Again!” each time we left the baptismal shadow? Truly, the fire of the Spirit is as all-encompassing as the falls. And once underneath? There is nothing but Him. Engulfing us, filling us, regaling us.

Truly. It is an indescribable experience, and I’ve done a poor job of explaining it to you, so there’s all the more reason why you need to go and experience it yourself. In the meantime, I’ll let my pitiful attempt at photography have a go at describing Iguazu Falls…


Featuring: Brittney, Christina, and Garganta del Diablo (that being, all the falling water behind them ;))



Featuring: A raft full of ACA students and the Iguazu river



Featuring: Nestlee and the Catfish



Featuring: Brian’s fabulous beard, ear, and hat… oh and his new best friend: the butterfly



Featuring: What you didn’t realize was lurking below your raft when you had your feet over the side…



Featuring: Andrea and the Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls



Featuring: The flora, fauna, and falls of the Argentinian side from above



Featuring: … brownie points if you know what this guy is called 😉 comment below!



Featuring: Yet more of the Argentinian side! Oh and Brazil is across the way *reaches through the mist* I just… want… to say… I’ve touched… Brazil… is that so illegal? Yes, yes it is 😉 and for good reasons, too.



Featuring: Kyler and how we all felt after walking 18,000 steps around Iguazu Falls, including draining too many cans of Guarana (an AMAZING Brazilian soda)





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  1. I know the name -in Spanish at least! But I was there with you having them jump up on the outdoor table, trying to get to the food in my bag. So I guess I’m not eligible for those brownies. But if so: vegan please! ; D


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