Awaken, Earth, Rise Up and Sing

Photo Disclaimer: This is not a picture of the dawn I'm writing about, but it was a pretty shot I took off of Long Island, so enjoy! March 4, 2018 Dawn. A long spool of cotton candy, stretched across the horizon. The pink fluff slowly snakes its way along on a southerly wind, but as... Continue Reading →


Thank You, God

February 24, 2018 You never considered yourself a materialistic person. Sure, sure, had those few things that it would certainly be unhandy to live without, but there’s always a store nearby for replacements of such things, right? Hmm, not in Pohnpei. At least not when it comes to Macbook Pro’s. Picture this: all of your... Continue Reading →

Thriving? Or Surviving?

Photo: Featuring Spirit Week in the English 11 Classroom! It was "Career Day," and I dressed up as a student (cheesy, yes, but I never want to stop learning!) so I had my students who dressed up as teachers "teach" for a portion of the class period! 🙂 November 7, 2017 Days blur together, separated... Continue Reading →


7.23.17 I just typed that date… and suddenly it’s hitting me: MY BROTHER IS A HUSBAND! After an insane week of making paper flowers (the engineer an hour drive away was actually the pro on this one #thankyoubrother), hosting half the family in our box-ridden house (yes we just moved in a week ago), and... Continue Reading →


7.3.17 My heart cries. Knowledge is cruel. But the facts that give me such knowledge is much more cruel. How can it be? You are paid $1.75 per hour. That is minimum wage. You work 10 hours a day. Usually six or even seven days a week. That’s less than twenty dollars a day. Then,... Continue Reading →

I Teach Chemistry, not Cooking

6/20/17 (picture coming soon) You will laugh at me. Even I laughed at me. I ruined a pot today. #cooking101 Apparently I can teach biology, math, and even chemistry. But cooking? Failed. It was a splendid, rainy, hot afternoon in Pohnpei. I was very excited to be making a pot of pinto beans for dinner.... Continue Reading →

An Average Day

6/17/17 How do you prepare to teach a group of high school students who flunked their last year in said subject and all of whom are very close to your age? You don’t. Instead, you get four hours of sleep after travelling for over forty hours, receive your materials around five minutes before class, walk... Continue Reading →

A Leap of Faith

(Sometime in April, 2017) (Forewarning: this post is liable to change as the story continues being expanded on from old notes I have not yet found) We were landing, and amid the squeals of my fellow ACA family as we gazed upon the beauty of Rio de Janeiro, my friend Brittney said, “I’ve always wanted... Continue Reading →

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Called To Serve

To serve you only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love. Serving god is the greatest adventure in the world.