A Leap of Faith

(Sometime in April, 2017) (Forewarning: this post is liable to change as the story continues being expanded on from old notes I have not yet found) We were landing, and amid the squeals of my fellow ACA family as we gazed upon the beauty of Rio de Janeiro, my friend Brittney said, “I’ve always wanted … Continue reading A Leap of Faith


A Little Girl Child

01 Febrero 2017 (date started and date of occurrence) A little girl child. Sitting with her family in the office for Argentinian Visas, she looked irretrievably bored. I had been sitting a seat or two over from her, but by the time I got back from doing my Visa stuff, my seat had moved and … Continue reading A Little Girl Child

BE: Six-legged Analogies

Featured Image Starring: The Ants of the UAP Prayer Garden and my lunch (including the ant-covered pea in the foreground) 19 Febrero 2017 My Mama told me once that we are “human beings, not human doings.” That in and of itself is indeed something to chew on as you go throughout your day, but I’d … Continue reading BE: Six-legged Analogies

The Breakfast Revolution: Part 1

What’s the Rumpus? Grains. Protein-packed seed mix of gloriousness. Add water. Or milk. Or both (either hot or cold). Spoon carefully (if hot). Swallow. Ahhhh… Breakfast. Looking for a way to pack in that extra morning punch to hit your day running? Argentina has just the thing for you. Spoon it over cereal or yogurt, … Continue reading The Breakfast Revolution: Part 1

Bits of Buenos Aires

Featured Image Starring: Benjamin Williams, Malek Sheen, Jordan Cherney, Josh Carrazana, and Dane Overfield 1 Noviembre 2016 (except now it's November 10) Recap of last week: (as in the week from my last post, or the last week of October) It ended fantastically. NOW ONWARD! We’re into NOVEMBER people! That’s… amazing. In nineteen days(hahaha nine … Continue reading Bits of Buenos Aires