The List: A

7 Octubre 2016 The List I’m starting a new type of post that I’ll put up once in a while called “The List.” It will include all sorts of random things that I’ve thought of/done/found/whatever during my Argentinian Allocation that weren’t significant enough to post full stories about, but have sentences of explanation. So without... Continue Reading →


Classes? I vote party.

3 Octubre 2016 After two weeks of waiting, the first day of classes finally came. I don’t have much to say – I think I psyched myself out for them a little too much and they may have been a teensy bit of a let-down. But I LOVE my teachers. My brain is tired of... Continue Reading →

24 hours? I lived 48.

2 Octubre 2016 You know those days when you get to the end of them thinking earlier was yesterday? That was today. But not in a bad way! I had an absolutely spiffy-fantastic time. I’ve been sick for the past week (of course I only tell you that now that I’m better. Oops.), and the... Continue Reading →

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Called To Serve

To serve you only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love. Serving god is the greatest adventure in the world.